2024 Grant Requests

The Waltham Community Foundation is pleased to announce that we are now accepting requests for grants.

Deadline for receipt of grant requests is November 1, 2024.

Grant Submissions can only be made by email


Grant Requests should include:


General Information

Organization Name:

Mailing Address:

Website (if applicable) Email:


Executive Director or President Name and Contact Information: (please include email and phone)

Social Media Information: (Please share your Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter handle, if applicable.) Mission Statement:

Is this your organization’s first time applying for a grant from the Waltham Community Foundation? (Yes/No)


Project Name: (Provide a brief title for your proposal request. This should be different from your organization’s name.)

Your Request: (Describe the project or program for which you are requesting funding. Include how you plan to use the funds, the intended beneficiaries, and how this will benefit the Waltham Community.)

Amount Requested:

Program Goals and Measurement

What are the goals of your program/project? How will you measure success?


                                                            Grant submissions by email: Bill VanderClock:   grants@walthamcommunityfoundation.com






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